Weekends Ain't So Bad

This weekend has started out ok. Despite the red air quality alert (unhealthy level) and the BF's daughter sick (not something I want to be around if I have a couple of races in the next couple of weeks!) this weekend is starting out well.

I got an unexpected (but very welcomed) Bulu Box that I will be reviewing soon.

Big Jud's did a Groupon deal, and Groupon gave me $5 credit to use this weekend! It cost me $2 for $14 for Big Jud's! Guess where I am going to eat on the 29th? 

I got a few shirts from Running Divas (a review and giveaway soon!) and I got one shirt that I have wanted for about a year.

Mile After Mile. 

Post workout wearing another Running Divas Shirt - we all run on. A little snug, but really love it. I bet Marc Jacobs really thought that his $200 large totes would be used as a running gear bag, like I am doing.

I did 8 miles (in 1:40) at the indoor track at the BSU rec. First time ever doing the indoor track! It was hard to zone out, because of needing to count each lap for how ever many miles are done, I may have done a little more or a little less. But we are calling it 8 miles, M'Kay? 11 laps around the rounded rectangle track (above 3 basketball courts) equals a mile.

I am a little sleepy, a little rungry, but concocted a drink recipe. Actually, I got it from here, (Wild Turkey 101 shouldn't be mixed in my opinion) but using a cheaper Canadian Mist and 360 Bing Cherry.
1oz Canadian Mist
2oz 360 Bing Cherry
1oz Diet Coke (or whatever you want)

What are your weekend plans? Anything great happen that you want to share?


  1. Sounds like a great run!! And cute shirt by the way, love it.

    1. Thanks! I am in love with the Mile After Mile shirt and the run was much needed.


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