A New Goal

This past weekend was the end of a big month of racing for me. I enjoyed it and wish I could race every single freaking weekend. Even more so now that the weather is perfect. I love fall weather with the cooler temps, colors of the trees, smells in the air, and the better air quality!

Federal Way during City of Trees half. There was a blanket of trees!
But I have a new goal for this fall. I don't have any races on the calendar, although I may do a couple of 5Ks for Thanksgiving, Xmas, & New Years. I am still deciding on going to AZ for Rock N Roll with the BF's fam.

My new goal is to get some cross training in. And by cross training, I plan on ellipticaling, weight training hard, and yes, I plan on still running. Hopefully getting a little faster/lighter during this time too.

Another goal is to get my blog a little more how I want it. Sorry the header is kinda janky. I forgot I don't have Photoshop on my new laptop and I am kinda too lazy to dig out my old laptop, which has everything Adobe on it.  Like I know how to use PS & Illustrator anyways. I can crop pics smaller. That is about it.

Anyways, I want to get stronger and build more muscle. This is something I totally slacked on this summer, even though I have access to weights and bands, I just didn't do it. This is why this is my focus for this new season. I also need to get some more flexibility. I am freaking tight.

I don't plan on running for a week or two. And it is going to kill me, so we are going to have to see how long that self-imposed ban will last.

Clubhouse set up. I watched the old show Wings after Scrubs while working out.
Today's workout was a get out of  bed, grab a handful of Honey Nut Cheerios and get to the clubhouse workout - You are welcome for the lack of closeup pic. I didn't brush my hair, teeth or add a new swipe of deodorant.

8 minute warm up on elliptical
15 pound dumbbell with thrusters, deltoids raises to the sides and front, bent over rows, bicep hammer & concentration curls, flys and lat pull downs with the machine. I don't know how much weight was on that.
30 & 25 pound dumbbell tri extensions.
10 pound dumbbell Russian Twists
3 minute cool down on elliptical.
I usually do 3 sets of 12 reps or so.  

Girlfriend got sweaty. And I forgot my weight gloves. Now, my hands feel horrible. I will not forget them again!

Do you change your goals during winter compared to summer? I didn't last year, but giving it a go this year.


  1. I have the SAME goal as you this winter - strength train! I feel like i spent so much time this year trying to squeeze in miles that i didn't really progress as a runner. Lesson learned!

    1. Strength training is so important, but I am so sore after doing it yesterday.

  2. I like the new layout- blogs are works in progress. I still don't have mine the way I like it.

    1. Thanks. I agree. You have to keep things fresh. I am just realizing some of the bigger sites I visit update each season or so.


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