Breakfast Quinoa

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Today, is a rest day. My glutes have some DOMS going on. I also wanted to lay around in my PJ's and robe an drink my coffee because it is cold out and I don't want to venture outside. I have some small errands to complete, but I got sidetracked by entering online giveaways and typing this blog post. :-) I am also deciding what to do for this weekend. Go to Hanna's? Halloween Movie Fest? I don't even have a costume planned! And my mid-term to study for this weekend... lots of things to do.

But breakfast was a priority above everything. I wanted to make Breakfast Quinoa.


I usually have an egg and toast for breakfast but didn't feel like having that today. It is cold out and I want something warm and sweet. I can't remember where I found out about the breakfast quinoa but I had to do a search to see how others are doing it.

I basically modified the Skinny Taste recipe and the How Sweet It Is recipe.

1C quinoa
1.5C water
Cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar to taste
Boil water, add above ingredients. Cover and turn burner to low for 20 minutes or so. 
Chop half apple, add to another small pan of water, how much I added, I am not sure. I am a throw everything together cook sometimes. Cooked apple to softened. Mash apple. 
Spoon cooked quinoa in a bowl. Top with mashed apple.
Add splash of milk. 

You can also add nuts, or dried fruit, or other spices. This is a good, warm, filling breakfast. Makes a couple of servings.

How do you like to have your quinoa? I usually eat mine as a side dish with dinner or lunch. What are your weekend plans? What are you or your kids dressing up as for Halloween?


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