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I Wanted To Run. And So, I Did

Today, I planned on running after my 2 week break.

I wanted to run.

And so, I did.

I only planned on doing a 5K on the TM.

30 minutes on the TM is usually my limit. That's where I am about to scream and throw the machine out the window. And the whole time I am playing with my speed. Up and down, nothing constant. But today, at a couple of points I kicked that baby up to 7.5. I went as low as 2.0 to twitter on my phone and drink water, but kept it mostly around 5.0. Super easy.

My view of the TM

If you are a twitter follower, sorry about the treadmill live tweeting. I couldn't help it!

I felt so freaking good. I had downloaded a few Bassnectar songs and fell in love with Ping Pong. I wound up listening to the song on repeat for 2 freakin hours!

I highly recommend the song on your workout or running itunes playlist. Really!

So anyways, 3 miles somehow became 10. I didn't take anything with me other then water, so I was a little scared to do 3 more miles for a TM half marathon without a gel or anything to help recover immediately after.

Post-run potty shot.
My shirt said Run, and so I did. I missed it for the last 2 weeks, but today sure felt good.

What was your run or workout this weekend? Do you ever add on miles because you feel so good? What songs on your playlist do you recommend I add?


  1. If I had a Woodway TM I would have run 10 miles too. They are the best!!!! My coach has one so every once in a while I get to run on it.

    1. The woodways are insanely nice. I'm asking for one for xmas!

  2. yeah welcome back with a great run :)

    1. Thank you! It felt good to run after 2 weeks off.

    2. What a run!! I've never attempted to run 10 miles on the treadmill before, but I bet if felt great after some time off. Way to go!!

    3. that bassnectar song is magic on repeat. it totally made 10 miles seem like 1 on the tm. otherwise i would have just been done at 3.

  3. 10 Miles!! Way to come back from a break girl! :)


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