Idaho Wine Run Photos.

How awesome is this? 6 photographers on the course of this race, and the race directors put the photos up on their Facebook page. And the photographers said it was ok to snag the pics from the page too. How awesome is that!?

Oh, and I had lots of pics of me. I shared some on my personal facebook and the rest are sitting on my desktop since I have not saved them into iPhoto yet.

If you wanna look at 50bazillion pics of me, scroll down. :-) Otherwise, I am going to look at this page 15 times a day. Some of the pics made me look fast. Some show a pretty nasty heel strike.

I love this pic. I at least LOOK fast.

These pics are not in any order. A quickie post to share. The BF is playing drums and I can't type up my homework paper with all the distraction, so I decided to just upload these pics. :-)


  1. omg, you look like you are having the best time in these!!! No photos with the wine?? "D

    1. The wine photos are on the race recap :-) I just wanted to have a fun, no pressure race.


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