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The more and more involved I get into all this blogging and twittering business, the more and more blogger and twitter friends I meet. And by meet, I mean going to your blog and twitter and replying to a post or a tweet. That makes us friends, right?

I am kinda curious as to what and why people do and take what they do during runs and races. Even the BF asked me why people have Camelbaks and waist packs for a 2 hour race and why I choose not to carry one?

Well, it is pretty simple for me. I am a pack-rat and can carry everything if I had something to hold all of it. Not a good idea to have something that does carry more then I really need for a couple of hours (or less) of pounding the pavement. And most races have a done a pretty good job of supplying water, so I don't need a warming bottle of water attached to my hand. And I can't run and chug water, no matter what container it is in. I always have to walk and sip my water.

The only thing I carry with me is a gel or so, my phone, and maybe my ipod when I participate in races. I like to use a Amphipod Race Lite Go, that I bought last year and has done it's job quite well. I have used a handheld before, but the pocket doesn't really fit my cell well and kinda only good to put just my car keys or 2 gels in.

Race To Robie Creek with the handheld
The gels I have been using and have been loving are Accel gels. They are more liquid then other gels and are easier to get down while running. I have used strawberry kiwi, but really like the vanilla. I don't use 2nd Surge gels which have caffeine, which kinda makes my gut rumble on the run - no matter the brand. I like to start most of my longer races with the lemon Hydro and with the Endurox R4 after.

For a 5K - I usually don't carry gels, or an ipod for races. I only drink water if it is available on the course.

For a 10K - I usually don't carry gels and I may or may not use an ipod for a race. I will drink water on the course.

For a half marathon - I will carry and use a gel or two, depending on the day. I may or may not use an ipod. I will only drink water on the course. I always bring my phone to take pics with along the course.

For the marathon, since I have only done one, I would have done things differently. I had my pockets full of everything. Kleenex, chapstick, gloves, and who knows what else. It was too much. But my ipod was a lifesaver at the last few miles and my cell phone captured lots of memorable pics.

Seattle Marathon 2011

Trail running is a little different for me because I carry things that I always keep in the pockets of my Camelbak (cell, tear gas, swiss army knife, assorted gels, sunscreen packets, chapstick, Wet Ones) Sometimes it involves a PB sandwich and some napkins, but it always depends on the day and where I will be heading out too and for how long and if I am going alone or not.

Picture taken before the PB recall

For most of my races, I always keep a pair of flip flops in the car for the post-race drive home. Depending on the drive, I will be in the car recovering with my 2XU socks and slippers. I also keep a towel to cover the seat and a bottle or two of water.

What do you take along with you to races and for the recovery drive after?
Do you carry a handheld or waist pack during a race for water & why?


  1. I wear a Fuel Belt for half marathons and up because at my first marathon it was 93 degrees and they ran out of water. I lost my trust that day and always, always carry my own. SHoot was Justin's recalled? I've got some laying around here.

    1. Yikes, they ran out of water when it was that hot? Justin's was recalled, and its on their website on the very bottom of the page real small.


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