My Workout & Fave Ab Work

Today's work out was a hop out of bed, get dressed, have a Starbucks Via and did a half hour of ellipticaling while watching The Daily Show in the clubhouse. I also did 2 sets of Russian Twists and leg lifts.

Do you do these? I couldn't do them straight leg because my hamstrings are so freaking tight. But I really feel like I am working my abs when I do these things.

I guess the next challenge is to try these straight leg and oblique style while twisting my knees to each side.

You are welcome again for me not posting a close up pic. I don't think I even looked in the mirror before I went out the door.

What was your workout today? What is your favorite ab exercise? How often do you do ab work?


  1. Russian twists are tough business! I just posted a new page on my blog with some of my fav cross training workouts. Let me know what you think! I am going to add some more this weekend.

    1. russian twists are tough! that is why i have been doing them.

  2. Not only are you working your abs, you're working your hip flexors which will help your running.

    1. Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that! Strong abs for the running win!


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