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I got an email last night with the results of the City of Trees race series that I completed over this summer.
2012 City of Trees
I did the "short" series, which consists of Fit for Life 10K, Payette Lake Run 8.6 mile, and the City Of Trees Marathon Half MarathonThe "long" series races was a Fit for Life half marathon, the 8.6 mile, and the COT full marathon. 

All 3 races I participated in were my newest and fastest PR's. Payette was automatic because it was a new race distance for me. 

Good news is out of the participants of the series, I got 4th place female. My total time for all 3 races was 5:06:58. The 5th place female was 5:17:27, while the 3rd was 4:31:20

Short Series Results

Once again,  I get 4th place. I got 4th place female a few weeks back that I was kinda butt hurt about. But this time, not so much. I am really proud to be 4th place. I feel that this proves that despite size, weight, age, and basically being a noob at this running deal, I can accomplish pretty impressive things! 

 Brag to me about your latest accomplishment! 

What has been your best race placement?


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