50K Training Plan

Today's workout was 36 minutes walk/trot on the treadmill. Ankle feels like nothing ever happened last weekend.
A few minutes doing sumo squats, lunges - both with 30 pounds of dumbbells.
3 sets of hanging leg raises.
15 minutes of elliptical. 

I think that I have a plan ready to start 50K training.

But I am not sure when I want to start it up.

Yes, I am totally obsessed with reading and rereading everything online about 50Ks and ultras. There was one blog in particular that I read 3 times this week about one local 50 mile race. I have also listened to a few podcasts, 2 of them more then once!


Anyways. I don't know when to "officially" start training.

Go all of November and December with building strength and muscle doing weights and elliptical?

Schedule from Santa Clarita Runners

Or start plodding through the miles in a week or two, with extra time to train on the long Thanksgiving weekend?

Suggestion from UltraLadies

I really don't wanna do a 16 mile next weekend. Maybe I will modify both the plans above into a final plan. Shizit is getting scary looking at those 26 mile Saturdays!

While I don't have a goal time for finishing before I have started, it is always fun to see how long it may or may not take me. Based on my last half marathon time.

A 6 hour 50K is a long day.

Anyways, that is what I am thinking about today.

I just wanna thank all of you on Twitter. I can't believe I am at almost 400 followers! I <3 you all!

Do I follow you on Twitter? If I don't lemme know and I will.
How do you decide on a training plan?


  1. It sounds like you have a great training plan and you have done your research. Obsession can be a good thing- especially when it comes to health & fitness. Looking at your plan actually makes an ultra look obtainable!

    1. I think that a 50K is doable too. I am picking a fairly flat race, so it is basically an extended marathon instead of a mountain hike.

  2. Wow! 50k! That's phenomenal. Best of luck through training! :)

  3. Wow 50k! Very exciting! I have no experience with the distance so will be no help but it sounds like you've done you're homework. All the best with this adventure!


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