Merry Christmas To Me

The BF admitted to me a week or so ago that he bought himself an early xmas present. It was just an excuse to buy himself something, which he would have done even if it wasn't the holiday season.

I decided that I needed to buy something for myself too!

I bought 4 items from Brooks online. All gear for running outdoors this winter.

Thermal Tights

Thermal Long Sleeve

Half Zip


I have been a total wuss this Autumn. I have not wanted to go and run outside because of the cooler, almost perfect, weather. Last year this wasn't an issue. I really had only one really bad day where I cut a long run short because I was so cold. This season, I have totally pussed out.

That is the whole reason why I just bought all cold weather gear. No excuses this winter!

Well, there may be one or more two, but I think getting my runs in on a treadmill is better then not at all.

What is your favorite piece of winter/cold weather gear?


  1. I love my Athleta tights. They keep my legs just the right temp and they have cute reflective swirls for high visibility on my morning runs.

    Gotta check out Brooks tights. They look cute!

    1. I love everything I have from Athleta. I don't have the tights though.

  2. I really do love anything by Brooks! :) Awesome gear girl!

  3. I have all of those items! The shirt and the 1/4 zip I have in a different color. The thermal tights are AWESOME. I have two pairs of them because I wear them so often. I do not like to be cold when I am out running. Love Brooks! Great product, fantastic company, stellar customer service. Can't go wrong. 90% of my workout clothes are Brooks and all of my running shoes are.

    1. Glad I made a good choice about my present. :-)


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