Three Things Thursday

1. I didn't make it to Whole Foods yesterday. But I did go today. Can I say I was disappointed? Maybe I am a spoiled brat, spoiled by the super nice, and huge, Pearl District PDX and the downtown Seattle Whole Foods. I did spend $50 on 6 items. I grabbed 2 bags of coffee, and one of those was decaf. Ugh. THAT was an accident! But since our coffee pot makes 2 pots a day, for 2 people - and that is not including the what out espresso machines put out, a little decaf won't hurt us.

The Rain Forest Blend that I opened as soon as I got home was surprisingly good, and there is a good chance I will be getting more.
Thumbs Up

2. I slogged 3 miles this afternoon. Either it was the wind, or the crappy sleep I got last night (I guess that is what I get for such good sleep the night before) I really had a hard time. Maybe it was hard because I have spent so much time on the treddy and not much time outdoors. Whatever it was, I was very slow,  but got it done.

3. I have signed up for Daily Vitamin F Thanksgiving 5K virtual run. I am not on cooking on T-day, I plan on cooking on Black Friday, so I will have time to get a little sweat on next Thursday. Sweat with us!

2012 thanksgiving 5k

I can't believe all the big holidays are here!

Are you running on T-day? What was your workout today?


  1. I ran about 7 ish miles today- First speed workout for me since March! It was awesome. Not running a turkey trot since I will be at the Oregon Coast, but I will go running before stuffing my face. :-)

  2. It's funny, when I see new coffee's I always fight the urge to order it or go buy it! :) Thursday's are usually run days for me, so I bet I am out there with ya! That 5K sounds really cool!


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