Ultra Running and Ultra Reading

I have completed reading 2 books about ultra running in the last couple of weeks. These are just books I picked up at the library because I want to read everything I can on ultra running.

The Jurek book is an eh. It could have been written better because he has quite a life story. I did like the recipes at the end of each chapter and there are a few I want to try. But other then him being a hardcore determined beast, it didn't really persuade me to go veggie.

Eat & Run

The Rich Roll book was awesome. The words flowed a little better and it was quite a story - so much better written then the Jurek book. Plus he explained why he ate what he did. His explanations were everything that I have been taught while in my Holistic Health studies. So I understand and agree with him. I would follow his plan.

Finding Ultra

And I will hopefully finish a 3rd book on ultra running today. A very interesting story. I have opinions on this and the characters involved but I want to finish it first before I say anything. I am enjoying the read, since it is really only taking me 2 days to finish reading it.

Running On Empty
The blue/brown/yellow color scheme is quite popular...

This 3rd book, Running On Empty kinda gave me an idea. Which I did look into last night. And now I have this thought bouncing around in my head that I can't shake.

Why don't I run across Idaho?

It's only about 400 miles, via the route above. It would take me, like, 2 weeks of solid, daily running. And I would need a whole lot of support, gear, time off of work. Oh, and I would have to become a slightly better runner.

But I am so strangely sure of myself that I could complete the task - I want to do this.

I am adding Running Across Idaho into my little bucket list of things I want to do.

Do you have any crazy things that you want to do? Any big bucket list dreams?


  1. Wow, that is an awesome event to add to your bucket list! I think you could do it if you trained/prepared for it. Have you thought about doing it for charity or would it just be for your own personal satisfaction? Either way, I love your thinking!

    1. There are so many good charities I love, I don't know which one I would support. So I would prolly run it for my own satisfaction. I don't know yet. So much potential.

  2. That is an amazing goal!! I think it would take me a lot longer than 2 weeks to run across Idaho, but I love the idea. When I was working at a running store in Georgia, our owner decided to start a race called Run Across GA, as he had the same idea. He turned the race into an Ultra, or a Relay for people who couldn't run the whole thing. The race benefited the Wounded Warrior Project, which was pretty cool. I would totally support you, a fellow Idahoan on your journey to run across the great spud state!!

    1. I was thinking about doing this an an ultra or relay so I wouldn't be alone. So many possibilities!

  3. Great goal! My boyfriend and I are ultra runners that travel the country. We live in a small RV. Get in touch with me when you're ready to do this. We'd love to join you and provide support/crew/pacing, etc. The RV is super handy for stuff like this :) vanessaruns.com / vanessaruns@gmail.com


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