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Today, I slept amazing. I am not sure why, but I had a solid 8 hours of sleep. I didn't want to get up out of bed, but dang, my night of sleep was so good.

But somehow, I forced myself to roll out of bed and went to go work out. My ankle is not totally happy with the roll it took on the trail on Sunday. It doesn't hurt, but more annoyed that it got a little stretched out. I wore a elastic wrap on it at work for most of my shift last night. It did seem to help keep it from flexing while walking the 4 hours or so that I had it on. I may wear it for a bit tonight. I am going to wait to run on it for a few days to prevent anything worse from happening.

When I do a roll out of bed & work out, sometimes I eat before and sometimes I don't. Today was a "I don't wanna eat" day. I did have 2 Costco strawberries and water. I did have half a Core Power and my coffee after. As I type this, I am deciding what to eat for the whole day.

While I was working out, there was a lady in the clubhouse with her, I would say 4 year old. The lady was on the elliptical behind me & I was using the dumbbells. (I worked mostly my arms with a few dead lifts, thrusters, and split squats) The little kid was running around me, & when I have 2 -30pound dumbbells in my hands, I don't wanna drop them. On me or the little kid. I told her to not play behind me. I then tuned the TV from The Daily Show to The Departed. But I guess shooting scenes didn't seem to bother her.

I realized me being annoyed or angry that people can't control their kids make me lift faster and a heavier weight easily-er.
Mid-workout pic
Do you use a compression sleeve, wrap, bandage, KT Tape? If so what do you like? I may KT Tape my ankle (I got samples from a few different brands) on the next jaunt on the trails for stabilization, but not sure if that is the best idea. I wanna keep my body strong & not rely on something else. But I don't wanna full on sprain it, either.

If you had a child working out around you, what would you do? I didn't want a confrontation with the mom, but I don't wanna injure anyone.

If you are a roll out of bed and go workout person, what do you usually eat before? After?


  1. I would have flipped out on the little kid- just saying. When I am working out I am in the zone.
    If I roll out of bed before I work out I usually munch on a granola bar or something small.

  2. I am a single parent and sometimes have to take my daughter to the gym with me. She is 7, and fairly well behaved, but I make sure she gives other gym goers their space. That being said, a 4 year old is curious and fearless, so I'm sure it was a challenge to keep her where she was supposed to be. Hopefully the mom put some effort into keeping her under control. If not, then I would be frustrated.

  3. I used to could just roll out of bed and workout without even eating, but now?? No way. I have to have something on my tummy before I take off. :)
    I used compression sleeves on my calves when I run, especially my long run. If I don't wear them on a run, I put them on after for about 10 minutes to help with recovery. I really do love em!


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