Running Fashion At It's Finest

Today I felt like I needed to slog out my scheduled 4 miles outside. It was 53 degrees, but hella windy.

It took a little longer then normal to get out the door.

I had to figure out how to wear my Hoo-Rag. They thankfully sent me one to try out and I had to give it a go today.

The yellow sunflower print really perked up my day. It has been so cloudy and dreary out, it was a perfect print. But I need to watch a video to show me how to wear this all the different ways. I am sure the BF will love one of his own to keep the sweat out of his face and keep his delicate ears protected from the outside elements.

I had my pre-workout espresso shot (basically made a small latte) and decided to check my front door. Oh, look. I got a goodie! A contest win from Tara Burner. Yay!

A shirt.

A coffee cup.  I am too lazy to rotate the pic.

And a lot of Yoplait Greek 100. Yay! I allowed the BF to have 1. The rest are mine. ;-)

Ok, so I FINALLY got to slog it out outside. I ran out in my hood.

It was windy. But I really pushed through. I am so not complaining about my mile times.

That 2nd mile was up that 67' hill, running into the wind.

Running fashion at it's finest right there.

How's your weather? What was your workout today? Do you just wear whatever, or do you have to match? I usually match, but not today.


  1. Nice outfit, lol. I always have to match. People even comment on how well coordinated my workout/running outfits are. I am really, really type a though. :-)

    1. I have never had anyone complement me on how well I match but I do make an effort. Today wasn't one of those effort days lol.

  2. haha love your running fashion! :D I can't co-ordinate or look cute while sweating it out! oh well!

    Great run btw :)

    1. Thanks. I guess I shouldnt worry about what I am wearing when I work out, but I'm one of those people who have to color coordinate lol

  3. Super cool fashion chic! Since I run alone and on my treadmill, I usually don't worry about matching. :)
    Um, jealous here!! I LOVE Yoplait 100 calorie greek yogurt!! Key Lime is my favorite! Congrats on winning the contest!


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