Wanna Do Dirty Dash 2013 For FREE?

Hey, I just found a contact with the Dirty Dash. I will be blogging and participating in this race in 2013. I have SO much interest in doing the race! I have never done an obstacle race or anything! I have only done road and trail races. I really want to do this. I kinda wanna get dirty and have fun at the same time.
The Dirty Dash
Love the logo!

If you are interested in running the race FOR FREE, just email me your email (running.in.boise @ gmail.com) and I will hook you up with the deets! (You have to blog about the dash) You don't have to be in the Boise area, but just be anywhere near a dash.

There are quite a few locations in the West.

Pic From The Dirty Dash

Let's Get Dirty!


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