Week In Review - Week 1 - 50K Training

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Just busy running and getting holiday stuff done.

But I did get my workouts in, minus 2 scheduled miles on Tuesday and Wednesday. This last week was my first "official" week of 50K training.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - 4 miles scheduled, 3 miles completed

I had to get an errand completed ASAP so I didn't have the time to finish my last mile. I didn't eat or drink any coffee beforehand and really had no energy. I was actually kinda glad to get pulled away from the treddy.
Wednesday - 6 miles scheduled, 5 completed

I don't remember why I cut this a mile short. An errand for the BF or something like that.
Thursday - 4 miles scheduled, 4 miles completed.

Friday - Rest day. Got a hair cut. And had a Krispy Kreme. I HAD to indulge a craving I have had for so long. So random to want a doughnut, but I am now sure that I want one for in my ultra drop bag one day!
Saturday - 16 miles  scheduled, 6 completed

I went to the Pulse and registered for the Run 4 Luv 10K in Feb. (Half off registrations that day!) We had lunch of Los Betos and I had a burrito. Which wasn't the best choice. It felt like I had a rock in my gut. I went to the gym with the intent to getting my scheduled miles done. But I had to switch my Saturday/Sunday runs around because I forgot my workout shirt. When I got to the gym to change, I noticed I had packed everything else, but my workout shirt.

Can you say I was bummed. I did this treddy workout insanely slow because I didn't want to soak my favorite tee and stain it with sweat. But I rolled up my sleeves and got it done.

Sunday - 6 miles scheduled, 16 completed!

I spent 2 hours on Saturday night (where I stayed home) and downloaded new music for my ipod. Wow. New music really is the treddy mood lifter. 16 miles on the treddy is a new record for me. I also cannot remember the last time I did 16 miles.

This week I got a new pair of Reeboks from a FitFluential Twitter chat. They are very lightweight, and extremely bright! They do have a higher heel then what I am used to but I am glad to have another pair of shoes.

I also got my headbands from the week 1 Frosty Fitness Challenge. The blue Bondiband above and this black & white one.

The BF said my headband was sexy. He's weird. ;-)

What are the highlights from your week? Have you ever forgot something essential for the gym?


  1. I love those Reebok shoes. I saw that they had them in pink and I really want them bad. Congrats on winning the bondi bands from the frosty fitness challenge. :-)


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