Week In Review - Week 2 - 50K Training

This week, thankfully, was an easy step back week.

After doing the 16 miler on Sunday in my black Brooks PureCadence that I wore most of this year, my right knee and heel were very unhappy most of this week. Time to switch out those shoes for my blue pair, and I NEED to invest into the pink Brooks PureCadence's.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 miles scheduled, 4 miles completed

I made sure to look as super sexay as I ran around my neighborhood

Wednesday: 4 miles scheduled, 4 miles completed
So proud of my mile times.
 I actually negative splitted. I am proud.  My legs were not quite awake but I am not complaining.

Thursday: 4 miles scheduled, 4 miles completed

Went to the clubhouse treddy & this is where my knee & heel was bothering me. I had to ice a couple of times afterwards before work.

Friday: Rest

So thankful for a rest day. So thankful and I will be getting more appreciative of these days in my heavier weeks. I actually went shopping. Braved the mall for a new bra (went down a cup size & needed a newer, although sadly smaller one. I am also searching for a new bed pillow. My regular pillow needs to be replaced, but where I got it at originally, isn't selling the type anymore. Buying a new pillow is one of the worst thing in the world.

Saturday: 6 miles scheduled, 6 miles completed

 So happy with my mile times. I really pushed on that last mile!

Snow is finally here

It was a cold hour out on the greenbelt. But my knee and heel didn't bother me. It was really hard to go and run (average 10:32 pace!) because it was so cold. But I did warm up and was quite sweaty after. I did make one of these after. Wow. I really recommend having one. Or 2.

Pre-run freezing
Sunday: 4 miles scheduled, 4 miles completed

I decided to do intervals today. Each mile went from 3.0-7.0.
0.0-.05 mile: 3.5
.05-.10 mile: 3.0 (drink water)
.10-.8 mile: 5.5
.8-.85 mile: 6.0
.85-.9 mile: 6.5
.9-1 mile: 7.0
I did that for 4 miles.

Then I went on the eliptical for an hour because 4 miles didn't seem like enough of a workout. ;-)

I won't be saying that next weekend because I have a 20 miler scheduled!

How was your week/weekend?


  1. 50K training? Oh my yikes!! Amazing progress so far!! :)
    GGS <3

    1. The next few weeks are gonna be tough! But I am always up for a challenge!

  2. You had a great training week! I just ordered the new Brooks pink Ghost 5s. I love pink, a lot.

    My week was busy/stressful at work, but I had a fun weekend. Have a great week!

  3. I really admire your stamina and love the pink laces and "sexy neighborhood" run look. I have no doubt you'll be well-prepared for the 50-miler. You're amazing. Keep up the fantastic work!


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