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Week In Review - Week 3 - 50K Training

This week, I have completed my 3rd week of my 50K training plan. Minus a couple of miles, I am overall very happy with my plan, the ability for me to be sticking with the plan, and being excited about getting in my mileage. Although I am not too thrilled with the weather, but I am a weather wuss.

Monday - Rest day.
Tuesday - 4 miles schedueled, 4 completed. I really, really enjoyed a rest day on Monday, I really wanted to take another! It took me a long while to get out the door, but I got out there and spent time time on the treddy.

Wednesday - 6 miles scheduled, 5 completed. I did not sleep very well this night. It was bad. I had one of those dreams that you feel is real. It was a dream where I fell asleep at work. Not really pleasant. I actually walked most of this treddy workout because my friend in Jr. High/High School posted some pics from Jr. High on Facebook. In those pics was my BFF at the time- she is the curly haired blond. My current BFF dated my Jr. High BFF (he was a radio DJ & I thought he was SO famous back then. Now, he's just a dude) & my Jr. High BFF added me as a FB friend. My current BFF was actually searching for her to see what happened to her the last couple of years, but he could not find her. But pure luck, she found me. So, lots of OMG gossip on the treddy.

Hello 1991. Or sometime around that.
I don't know what I was doing with my arms. I am in the blue headband, 2nd pic on the left.
I am on the bottom right picture with the braces

Thursday - 4 miles scheduled, 3 completed. I put a chicken in the oven before I went and ran. I thought I would have been done by the time I did my 4 miles with time to take it out of the oven, but really only had time for 3. Next time, I will lower the temp just slightly to be able to keep it in the oven a little longer. Also, I just want to say that I really love the show Wings. I actually had to jump off the treddy for a sec to laugh because this episode was about taking pictures, with a real camera. Brian took a pic of his crotch & Joe mailed the undeveloped film roll to Helen's parents so they could develop it. Anyways, I laughed. Hard. Maybe because of the above pics were old school pics with film that you couldn't delete & this episode reminded me of how digital has changed things.

Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 18 scheduled, 18 completed. This day has stressed me out all week. Weather in the 30's, possibly with rain/snow. Do I really want to spend 4+ hours doing this mileage in the cold and possibly wet outdoors, or do I want to spend 4+ hours on the treddy? Half and half? Not do it at all and stay in bed? Eh. I did throw on 2 layers, got my Camelbak ready and headed out. The BF had tickets to the Potato Bowl at BSU and I decided to make my mileage from my house, to BSU, to the greenbelt, to Barber Park and back again.

Freakin awesome chalk art on the BSU rec center wall. Rafters, climbers, mountains, trees...
I stopped to take off my top jacket around mile 3.25 and stopped my garmin. I swear I turned it back on again but when I didn't hear my beep after mile 4, I looked and it wasn't on. So sad! So I was kinda bummed I don't have a record of that missing mile and the cold really got to me. I was wearing a different brand of socks then I normally do and I felt like it was all bunched up around my right 4th toe. I stopped to readjust it, but it still bothered me after. My right knee was bothering me, and after I got home and showered and rested, my left ankle was sore. I didn't step weird and I walked a good part of my mileage. I made sure to really ice my left knee and right ankle and foam roll and roll golf balls on the bottoms of my feet. Funny thing is that the time outside really felt like it went by quickly. I did try the 2 fruit purees that I bought a while ago on miles 5 and 9. They are tasty, didn't upset my tum-tum, feels like you are eating baby food, and only 70-80 calories in a 1/4cup of fruit. Which takes a while to eat. But a very, very nice change from eating processed gels and such. But if one of the tailgaters would have offered me a hot dog and a beer, I would have enjoyed that just as much, too. Whatever was being cooked at the game smelled so freaking good!

Looove that there is snow on the mountain!

Sunday - 8 scheduled, 8 completed. My legs felt pretty freaking good. I had to do an hour massage for one of my clients before I went to go run. Totally what I needed to help clear my mind, if that makes sense. I don't have to think during a massage, I just have to feel, which comes pretty easily. And if my client happens to read this and I think I said this before so many years ago, I want your house ;-) My left ankle that was bothering me on Saturday night, didn't bother me at all during this slog, which I ran/walked on the BSU rec treddy while watching CrossFit2012 on the TV. When I grabbed my foot when I was stretching my quads after, is when my ankle started bothering me. I don't know what it's issue is. I didn't step wrong, I never had a left leg problem marathon training in 2011, I am wearing a brand and model of shoe that I wore all of this year. It's not swollen, like my knee slightly is, which is bothering me when I run - walking is fine. Either way, Saturday and Sunday I am icing like a fiend. I only took in water for today's sweat sesh.

What did you do this week that is interesting? I have xmas shopping to complete on Monday, are you done with your xmas shopping?


  1. Way to push through week 3! Look at you in your cute skirts! I went to a Chicago RUnning bloggers holiday run/party and it was fun, even though I didn't know most of the bloggers there--oops! I'm done shopping except what I wanted to get my mom is not in at the store yet. Yikes. But we'll be away for Christmas so I've got til 1/5 when I see her. Fingers crossed!

    1. Fingers crossed you get your last present soon! I imagine there are a ton of Chicago running bloggers!


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