What I'm Listening To

With all the time I have been spending on the treddy, I NEED to use my ipod, especially if there is no TV attached. I did spend quite a bit of time over the last couple of weeks adding a whole lot of new songs. Which really helped me on my 16 mile treddy run this past weekend. That was 3.5 hours on the treddy listening to music.

Here is what has been getting me through. Oh, and FYI some of the music may be offensive to some people. I listen to everything, except country, Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber, who just happen to be offensive enough to me ;-)

I listened to Bassnectar Ping Pong for 2 hours the other day on the treddy. Love it!

I met the guitarist/singer of Ten Foot Pole this Sunday - who lives in the Boise area! I kinda had a punker fan girl meltdown & the BF kinda had to drag me away. I think both dudes may have been slightly embarrassed/confused over my freak out lol! (If I freaked out over some punk singer, I can't imagine what would happen if I actually met Daniel Craig or RPatz?!!)

I have been a Ten Foot Pole fan for, um, 15 years? Crap, I'm old. Insider is my fave to run to. Recommend.

OutKast B.O.B. Yes! The beat doesn't stop!

I actually had to download the Rocky theme. I didn't have it and never really paid much attention to the song. After listening to it Sunday, I totally get it now.

Tyler The Creator - Yonkers, has angry lyrics. But I do like the beat. It is about my sloggy pace.

Kanye West - Stronger. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Is that what he is saying? That's what I think he says. Gotta get stronger, yo.

Feed Me - Strange Behaviour I am a secret dubstep fan. Please don't tell anyone. 

Laidback Luke & Diplo - Hey! (Foamo remix) I think I like this version better then this one.

Maybe I will throw in Green Day - Kill The DJ. lol

What are you listening to? Is there anything that you can listen to on repeat for hours?


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