I noticed on Twitter today that Charlie Engle posted a new blog post and strangely I have thought about it since I have read it.

I am just gonna post a blirp from the blog post that kinda resonates with me right now, and I am not really sure why. My head is a mess because I am tired (insomnia, thanks) with my thoughts towards training (so many 20+ milers gets scary/boring alone with the icy weather), and dealing with relationship crap (how could someone flush nearly 6 years down the toilet so quickly?). I guess this quote could be applied to anything you have, whatever "baggage" we have to carry.
...I don't wish to forget the past few years. Instead, I will blend all that I have learned along way with the new lessons that are on the path ahead. Plainly put, I have to carry all this shit with me anyway so I might as well use it. 
I have a strong belief that endurance is not a physical attribute but is more of an attitude. I have learned, from many years of hard work, that if I can just keep moving through the hard, things will get better. It really is that simple. It's not easy, but its simple. 
 Anyways, just a quickie blog post for my own future reference.

What are your thoughts on Endurance? What do you think endurance is?


  1. I think so much of endurance is just pure, stubborn, refusal to give up.


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