Fake It Til You Make It

For Thursday's workout, I decided to get my butt to the BSU rec because I just didn't want to trot on my crappy clubhouse treddy. Nor did I want to trot outside.

It took a while - A long while to pry myself from my warm bed. I checked the outdoor temp while in bed from my phone & it was a frosty 13 degrees. Ugh.

Pre-workout fuel was a Detour Bar and a doubleshot of java with some milk. The bars were a bloggy contest win.



So yesterday, I mentioned a little thing that I won 3rd place in my age group for the New Years Day 5K.

I emailed the race director about if I happened to have won anything. He said that I did have a ribbon and to come pick it up.

A ribbon? For me!

My race bling
It's not a whole lot but it is my first official placement in a race. Ever. I am not fast, or skinny. But I am going to "fake" being a good runner until I make it. Or it becomes my career in some form.

Speaking about faking it... in my 50K training plan, weeks 11 and 13 have 24 mile long runs. Weeks 15 and 17 have 26 mile long runs. I am contemplating doing a marathon around the end of Feb-mid March time. I was thinking the LA Marathon, but it would cost a little more for hotel/food/flight then, say, Red Rocks.

What was your workout today? Hows the weather where you are? Are you planning on doing a marathon, or is there a marathon near you in my Feb-March time frame? Wanna have a bloggie meet-up?


  1. You rock sister! I'll take a ribbon any day! :) I also went for an easy run of 3. It feels good to run after being off for 15 days. Just easing into it.
    Have a great day!!

    1. The BF tried to make fun of my ribbon, but I am a little too happy about it to care. I hope you have a great day too!


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