Meet Me Monday

After a fairly relaxing Monday off from work thanks to the holiday, I had to get a little workout in.

I decided to venture out into the cold and go downtown for Meet Me Monday.

Um, it WAS cold!
This was the 3rd time I have been able to participate in MMM since I sadly am stuck at work during the time that the event goes on.
My First MMM.
My Second MMM

I wandered around downtown with the BF. And he only wanted to wear just a plain hoodie so we walked around very fast because he was so cold. But we did make a pit stop to get some coffee as a warm up.

I just love the whipped cream at Java. Which is sad that I love the whipped cream more then coffee at a coffee joint. Why yes, I AM a coffee snob.

We finished up the event at Old Spaghetti Factory and the BF had to skip out on the raffle to take his daughter to dance class.

And of course after he left, his name was called for a raffle prize. He would have won a MMM scarf.

But like the celeb that I am, I was noticed. Fellow #SweatPink Ambassador RunCrazyGirl.

I guess if you post enough pictures of yourself and put them on the internet, people WILL eventually notice you. ;-) 

Like I said the other day, I am doing my best to take the worst pics all the time. As seen in the Deer In The Headlights look below. And I was smiling. I swear!

@runinboise & @runcrazygirl
What was your workout on Monday?


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