New Race Registrations & Skirts

Today has been a very nice rest day. I have been quite productive and thankfully because of the holiday, I have the night off from work. It is nearing 4PM and I am still in my PJ's. I have not even brushed my teeth or taken a shower yet. Good thing there is no one in the house who can appreciate my stank and I have not ventured very far from the couch. But I did finish up 2 loads of laundry, and a load of last nights dishes. I got my budget in line, and had to do a little online shopping.

I registered officially for 2 races, which are official Team Beef races.

St. Patricks Day Fun Run (Basic 5) March, 16, 2013 Boise, ID

Beat Coach Pete 5K April 13, 2013 Boise, ID

I have never done either of these races before. And if Coach Pete ever decides to leave Boise State, I wonder what will happen to this race? I believe Coach Pete was under 29/27 minutes the last 2 years of this race that I have paid attention.


And I had to get another sparkle skirt to match my Team Beef shirt. Eventually I will have all the Team Sparkle colors. I already have pink, black, blue, and gunmetal.

Beefy Shirt

Team Sparkle Skirt

I just noticed that Team Sparkle now has white skirts, which are $10 more then the regular skirts. I want a white one but I think I will hold off until I get terribly bored with the red, or just have to stitch up my own. Or does anyone have a sewing machine that could make me one or two skirts if I send fabric ect? I really don't have the patience to sew anything up by hand. And since I have had way too much coffee today, I really am lacking patience!

Anyways, I do plan on wearing the above shirt and skirt combo on the Run4Luv race in 3 weeks. I think I will be looking pretty awesome, but wearing red in a St. Patty's race will be awkward.

Is wearing red on St. Patty's day a pinch or a kiss?

Anyways, off to venture to get cleaned up and head down to Meet Me Monday!

Should I wear a green sparkle skirt with my red Team Beef shirt?
Do you have a sewing machine I could borrow?


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