Nominate Me For Inspirational Runner of the Year!

I am curious to see what will happen if I make this post.

I mean, I think I am pretty awesome and I am sure you think I am pretty awesome too.
Just ask me how awesome I am. I'll tell you I am awesome
But after I noticed a tweet from a local running store, I decided that I am going to make this post and ask for you all to email Shus to nominate me (Tanya Savage) for being such an awesome and inspirational Boise runner.

That would be awesome to have!
I am a Sweat Pink ambassador.

I am a Girls Gone Sporty ambassador.

I am a FitFluential ambassador.

I am part of Team Beef Idaho 2013.

I have done quite a few races being a new-ish, 30-something, slightly overweight runner.

I think I am a running inspiration. I hope all of you think I am an inspiration too!

Thank you for all of your support! I appreciate and am inspired by every single one of you every day of the year!


  1. absolutely doing it, just a thought you might want to add your full name to the post to help folks nominate you.

    1. Ohmygosh! Thank you! How could I have forgot my name?! Sheesh. I edited it and put my name in there.

  2. Heck yes you are inspirational. Emailing now! : )

  3. I think that you are pretty inspirational Tanya- I will email now :-)

  4. You are VERY inspirational! Emailing now!


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