Scheduled Rest Day & Pics

Today is a rest day and as much as I would love to lay around in bed, I have to get my shopping on. Which will hopefully be restful and therapeutic.

I have officially upgraded my over 2 year old Blackberry Torch to an iPhone. Kicking and screaming the whole time, but I didn't have a choice. It was time. I really loved the Torch & really wished RIM would get their shizit together for the future. I was willing to be loyal because that phone was durable. I mean it lasted 2 years and I dropped it, got it wet, sweated on it and got my salt and sunscreen on it while holding it to my face while running. Anyways, Friday is my scheduled rest day and iPhone accessories will be purchased.

Pics from my NYD5K are available online, which seems rather quick, but maybe because I have been mentally preoccupied with other things I have not thought about the pictures that much.

I think this is the best pic of my New Years Day 5K. 

Do not copy my sexy hair.
I am actually smiling, not doing anything really dorky with my hands, you don't see my tum-tum rolls. I approve this pic.

Now, for the other pics, well, pretty much like any other race pic I take.

I believe this was right at the finish line. I am not flashing a peace sign or flipping off the camera. I was holding my black gloves.

Seriously, don't copy my sexy hair do.
Yep. It must have been near the finish line if Mr Man behind me was checking his garmy. ;-)

I like the first pic.

Oh look. I waved. Look at my stride. Seriously, you would not have guessed I was under 10 minute miles!

I could have also ran faster if I had enough energy to be able to wave and smile at the finishline. ;-)

Anyways, just giving myself a hard time about my pics. 

What are the necessary (preferably free because I am a cheapskate) apps I need to download for my iPhone? Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and a couple of horoscope apps are all I have used for my Blackberry.


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