Week In Review - Week 8 - 50K Training

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Was this week a cut back week or was this a cut back week!?

With the weather being insanely cold I am dreading the gym. I kinda want it to warm up just a tad and be able to enjoy having the option of doing some of my miles outside - I like options, even if I don't take advantage of them. I just can't get it to stick in my head that I can be outdoors and not die at near zero temps. I can handle the heat way better then I can handle the cold.

Monday - Rest - and rest I did!

Tuesday - 4 miles scheduled - 4 completed - I went to my clubhouse gym to slog these miles. I am not sure what was causing my crampy quad from a few days prior, but I had a crampy quad again. I ran through it, while not the best idea, I don't know what else to do. I am hydrated, my electrolytes should be ok, my form feels ok, my shoes are ok (but honestly, the Brooks Pures will be transitioned out in a month-to maybe some Hokas), I have been stretching and foam rolling. I am just not sure what the dealio is.

I try my best to take the worst pictures ever ;-)
Wednesday - 6 miles scheduled - 4 completed Clubhouse treddy. I had another cramp in my right quad. I ran then it cramped then I walked it out today since this has been going on since Sunday? It's just not right, man. So 2 miles short. Plus I have a hard time just finishing 6 miles at the clubhouse on the ghetto treddy.

Thursday - 4 miles scheduled - 0 completed Took today as an extra rest day because of the crampy leg and I wanted to just lay around and watch some TV. Plus, I had to take my night off from work since I had my Team Beef orientation to get to. I seriously love Idaho and I love food and I love to run, so being a part of something that I love is just great.

Friday - Rest - and rest I did!

Saturday - 10 miles scheduled - 6 completed I just wasn't feeling this run today. I had planned on 10 miles, but really was low energy. I am an emotional wreck. Despite thinking I am going to use this "baggage" I have to carry with me to spur me forward instead of weigh me down, it is quite draining. And I thought that I forgotten the lock on my locker so I had to jump off the treddy at 2 miles and go downstairs to check. I locked it but I don't remember locking it. So, yeah. Emotional/distracted mess here.

  Sunday - 6 miles scheduled - 10 completed

I started out with the breakky above - smoked salmon on a bagel, coffee and Skratch. I really love the Skratch. I liked the pineapple, I loved the oranges, I loved the lemons & limes, which I had today. I didn't care for raspberry - I didn't find it as refreshing as the other flavors, but it tasted like a real raspberry, instead of artificial, so I would give it another go. They taste better with ice cold water then water right out of the tap. And if I have a Skratch in the morning and have an alcoholic drink at night, I don't feel like the alcohol affects me at all. I never feel tipsy, which is weird. Anyways, I bought and tried all the flavors and will be making another purchase of these products again!

For the workout, I was just low on energy and dreading going out into the cold. It took me over 3 hours to get out of the door. But I ran 2 miles and walked the rest. I watched a couple episodes of Lucky Louie on my iphone. Louie C.K. is so freaking funny.

How was your week this week? Any good shows that you watched, meals your ate or good workouts you got in?


  1. I am sick of this cold weather too!! hopefully it starts warming up soon!

    1. I am so ready! I am pretty sure I won't complain about being too hot this summer. Maybe. ;-)


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