Winter Wonderland

Yesterday, Monday, was a rest day.

I did not get to rest like I wanted.

On my way to work

It snowed. A lot. And when I got to work, the first thing that I had to do, for the first two hours of my shift, was shovel snow. Non-stop.

Thank gawd for good Sorel boots! I shoulda tucked my jeans into my boots!

I had to look online and see how many calories shoveling snow burned. I guess Livestrong says 200 calories per half hour for a 140 pound person. I am over 140 pounds and I shoveled for 2 hours. So a guesstimation of over 800 calories? I sure felt like it by the end of the night! 

I was a sweaty mess, and all I wanted after was a really good hot chocolate. Not the sugary Swiss Miss crap.
From my Instagram

I had a packet of apple cider, so it had to do to warm me up.

I was tired by the end of the night. My upper back really felt like I got a good workout. I was praying for no DOMS because I had a run to do today - Tuesday. I slept amazing Monday night.


Luckily, thankfully, I had very  mild muscle soreness. My glues and my upper back needs some foam rolling and stretching love.

I went to my clubhouse and slogged out 4 miles.
Instagram pic, again.

Are you on Instagram? Do you like to shovel snow? I don't mind it but I have to have the right gear, like snow boots and quick dry clothes. What was your workout today/yesterday?


  1. Holy cow! I think that I would shovel snow every day if it burns that many calories! :)

    1. I don't mind shoveling because it is such a calorie burn. But don't tell my boss that ;-)

  2. I HATE to shovel snow! Luckily i have two teenage boys who do it! Got 4 mile in with my YakTrax, great to be out there for a run!

  3. I hate to whine but I'm feeling left out in the snow dehpt. Nada here in Chi-town which is ridiculous in January.

    1. That is cray! Usually Chi-town always gets mentioned on the national news for weather at some point in the winter.


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