Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I am sadly busy and I do not like it. Well, actually, I do not mind, but some things have to be neglected. Household cleaning is the first neglected chore, and who really wants to do that?!

I am late on my weekly 50K training review. I have been seriously only been eating, working, sleeping, laundry, running, and stretching! Although I have fit in a daily shower and a couple of job applications in there.

Here is a nearly wordless Wednesday of the last couple of days.

Mismatched/missing socks are a huge pet peeve for me. Where did the mates go?!? I know they will turn up eventually, but I until then, I will grumble about it.

I came across these coupons at work this week. Yes, I behind the times and have NOT ate at Qdoba yet. How long have they been in Boise? A year? I know some of you love this place and thanks to this coupon, and my potentially lack of time to cook in the next few weeks thanks to high mileage, I WILL be taking advantage of this! 

I did today's slog on the treddy. In the mismatched socks. I really can not look at my feet because it annoys me so much, but I got my slog done. 

My hump-day slog. 8 pre-work miles. I did have this at a 1.0 incline. Bam!

What should I order at Qdoba? Do you believe in the dryer monster that eats socks? I have the biggest time with missing Swiftwicks out of all of my socks going missing. Come to think of it, I am missing one Smartwool sock. How has your week been?


  1. I LOVE Qdoba!!!! My hubby and I eat there at least once a week. Sometimes two times. :-)

    1. What's good to eat there? It all sounds so good!

  2. I am currently also wearing mismatched socks. This is kind of cheating though, because i am ALWAYS wearing mis-matched socks!

    1. lol how can you DO that?!? Ugh. I usually have to have my socks match, and match whatever I am wearing! lol I am such a freak.


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