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Run 4 Luv 10K + some

This may be a fairly long post. 

You never know what will happen on race day. I say that a lot and Saturday just proved that to be true.

This week in training is a heavy week with Saturday being my 24 mile long run, with part of that being the 10K. I hydrated the best I could during the week. Stretched, elevated my legs after my runs, ate my typical pre-race pizza, had my garmie charged, all my gear laid out, and my coffee pot was all ready.

I think I got food poisoning from Applebees when I took my friend there for his early Birthday lunch Friday afternoon.

Grumble. I never eat there. I know it has been at least 7 years since I have been there. I go there one time and they try to kill me.

I woke up in the middle of the night with bad stomach cramps. Those horrible ones you get from eating something bad. I tried to ignore them and eventually fell back asleep, but they woke me up twice before my alarm went off. And when my alarm did go off, well, I sure didn't hit the snooze button!

I almost felt like I wasn't going to go to the race!

A glass of orange Skratch (immediately had an unhappy gut) and a small cup of coffee (another wave of an unhappy gut), I thought I was going to die. I had 2 bites of toast and that was even too much for the tum-tum. So basically, this was like any other race morning where I can't eat beforehand. 

I had stomach cramps on the drive to the park. But they went away before the start. That icy wind blowing may have helped me focus on something else other then a tummy ache. A quick warm-up trot and I was feeling ok.

Before the start of the race. So cold!
The race started 2 minutes after 10am. And it was crowded at the start. At first I was just running comfortable and I didn't really care to look at the garmy. I looked at it when it beeped every mile just to check my mile splits. Things were looking good for a PR. My lungs and throat were not happy, I really hope I am not getting sick again, but only goal around mile 2 is to keep my miles around 9:45, since that was comfortable.

I am on the right side about 0:16.

I got a quad cramp near mile 3. That was unpleasant. It wouldn't go away. I am not sure what is causing them since my electrolytes seem to be ok, I am hydrated, I have been stretching more... I don't know what the deal is. So after the 3rd mile, I kept looking at my watch to focus on something other then an achy quad which was making my knee hurt.

Miles 4, 5, 6 were the same as 3. Achy quad, pace slightly slowing. Either way, I could walk the last half mile and still PR. But who really wants to walk to the finish line?

You would think this would be the first time I had the BF record me with the camera...

And PR I did. My last 10K was in July and it was a 1:07. I KNOW how hard those 11 minute miles were. It was so HARD to keep pace with a couple of other runners going that pace last summer. But now, 9:45 wasn't so bad. Saturdays 10K was a 1:00:38. My next 10K goal is going to get under an hour, baring any inconveniences of cruddy weather or injuries.

Don't shoot! I am unarmed! At 10K turnaround I think.
After the race, I did a quick trip home to get my camelbak and a quick bite to eat and headed back to the greenbelt to do more miles. This time, the wind picked up even harder then before - 24mph! I had to check before I left! Yeah. That was unpleasant. And my quad was unhappy and I just didn't want to run on it. So I walked 3 of those miles. But I got 6 more miles done outside, which left 12 to do on the treddy. Mentally, 12 on a treadmill is manageable for me.

12 miler coffee pit stop
I walked all 12 miles with a couple attempts at a trot. I even ate a piece of pizza while walking on the treddy. I just didn't want gels or anything like that. I wanted food. And it worked. Maybe because I was walking instead of trotting but it was one thing that worked out for me for that day. I think if I was at anything then a faster walking speed, it just would not have worked for me. I think a side stitch would have happened. I re-watched some episodes of East Bound and Down. Man, there are some good lines in that show that just make me laugh. But it was more of a relief to just be finally done with so many miles for the day.

Walking it out at the end of my treddy shesh.
I did disgust the BF with how offensive I smelled. Sorry. I was eating a snack and stretching a bit BEFORE I took a shower.

A cool Epsom salt bath, and icing my legs and feet for however many hours (4+?) after I was done until I went to bed, really, really helped out my legs. I usually don't ice for as long as I did, typically twice during an hour before I go to work, but rotating the ice packs around the achy parts of my legs for so long really helped.

My quad still hurts, but what can I do about that? I really don't want to go see a doctor. What are they going to say? Stop running? Surgery? I guess if I keep having a prob I will have no choice but to suck it up and go to a doc.

When do you decide on going to the doctor for a possible injury? Did you run this weekend? What is the weirdest thing you have ate while on a run? Seriously, I am going to have to get a McDonalds cheeseburger and a Krispy Kreme. lol


  1. Sorry your day didn't start off so well, but congrats on the shiny new PR. That is awesome! It must have been the fabulous sparkle skirt. :-)

    I must say that I absolutely LOVE your nails too!!!!

    I usually wait until the last minute before going to the doctor. By then the injury is usually pretty bad. If you think that something might be going on, I would go before it's too late.

    I tried to run this weekend, it didn't work out so well. First long run I haven't finished in years. Took the rest of the weekend off to recover and drank way too much beer and ate way too much crap. Oh well. :-)

    1. I seriously think the sparkle skirts really help any race-pr or not! I get SO many complements when I wear them! My nails are stickers from my Influentster box. I didn't think I would like them but I really like them. And I don't like many things ;-) I have gotten so many complements on them too. They are the Kiss Nail Dress

  2. Sorry to hear that your quad is giving you some issues. I think that I would go if it persists. I did that when I was playing softball once and I just ripped my left quad from hip to knee and I couldn't even walk on it! I eventually had to get physical therapy on it and that was not pleasant.
    Hope it gets better soon! That's awesome that you PR'd girl!

    1. Dang. I may have to go see a doc if I keep having prob. Injuries scare me!

  3. Sorry you felt junky. Eating on the run is acquired over time :D I once had a foot long chicken breast on wheat from Subway at mile 35 of the Bear 100. I also have had beer each year at the ridge road during the Foothills Frenzy 50 (~about mile 13?). Keep experimenting and you'll find something that works. On Sunday I did a 26 miler and I had a Nature Valley Oat's n Honey granola bar, a Hammer raisin oatmeal bar, and something else that escapes me. Oh, it was pretzels. Dry plain stuff that is hard to upset the stomach but is full of carbs and more importantly NOT A GEL!! Happy trails.

    1. Yea, as much as I love sugar, gels get so boring every day. I just picked up a costco load of granola bars. I will take your suggestion & give that a try next weekend! TY!


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