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Last week, I had a job change. It's not for the better. And I am pretty unhappy about it. Sorry. I really shouldn't grumble so much.

Well, anyway, it's not really a change since I am doing the same job, but I have to work in a new building where there are lots of complaints. The occupants of the building complain about every freakin thing. I get to clean up messes that a former employee (a person who quit the other week while I was home sick) left and didn't take responsibility for.

And my lead worker just retired. Ugh.

Also, last week while I was laying around on the couch all sick-like, another employee f'ed up his knee when he slipped on the ice. He's gonna be out for a while because hes gotta have knee surgery!

All this on top of another coworker injury 4 months ago when someone broke her leg when she was walking down the stairs of the building that I am working in. (she missed that last step)

Bad news: I get to work in the same building with those stairs!

Good news: I get to work in a building with stairs.

That may actually be bad news too.

From here
Stairs and climbing inclines, in my unprofessional opinion, are vital to running strength and power.

I have mentioned before that one of the local trails is like working out on the stairs for hours because the incline. Build that booty muscle. You need that booty muscle strength that you earn from doing squats, stairs and inclines (Not 1 or 2) to power yourself uphill. The better the booty muscle, the more power to propel.

I have not done stairs or much of any inclines this winter. So, working in a building with 4 floors will be sorta welcomed.


As I was searching for perks of stair workouts, I found a few that I like.

Using Stair Exercises To Improve Strength, Power, Flexibility & Conditioning!
This link has lots of info, good pics, and good explanation of why you need to be taking in more stairs.

Rocky did stairs.
I kinda forgot that Rocky was famous for doing stairs. Thanks to, it refreshed that memory.

Do you do part of your workout on stairs?


  1. I love that you're staying positive about your new work location and finding good things to focus on. Those stairs will make for a great workout and you can always take a break and get in a mini stair workout if you need to clear your head. I don't do any stair workouts, but I definitely try to run hills every once in a while.

    1. I don't mind going up and down stairs. And all these miles I'm doing is actually making it easier.

  2. Sorry about your job situation. Hang in there and hopefully things will turn around soon. It does sound like your co-workers are kind of klutzs so I would steer clear of them if I could! :-)

    Stairs are a great workout. My personal trainer used to make me run them in every session carrying 35# KB. I always hated my life, but it was good workout!

    1. Dang. 35# is a lot. I could walk up with that, but run? I think I would be hating life during that too! lol


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