Strike A Pose

I am totally serious about today's post.

How in the world do you pose for pictures during a race?

I kinda have a problem. Mostly because I am dork. Partially because I just flat out lack creativity. Mostly because I am dork. But I don't know how to pose.

I realized I only pose for most of my pictures for this blog 3 different ways. 

Wine Run Half
Arms up.

Run 4 Luv 10k
Arms up again.

Foothills XC12K
Hands on hips.

Payette Lake Run
Oooh. Mixing it up with one hand on hip. Rebel.
Redfish half
Ignore the camera.
Robie Creek

Ignoring the camera and just running is good.

I think arms up is my most popular race pic pose.

Seriously, how in the F do you pose for your race pics? What should I do for my next race in a month? I have a month to stand in the bathroom mirror and look at myself practicing poses to prepare.


  1. Haha, I'm not sure that it's possible to really pose for race pics, or if you do, you wind up looking even sillier than you do if you didn't try to pose at all. I generally do the obligatory arms up at the finish line, but other than that, I just try to smile and look at the camera and keep running. I think the whole point of race photos is to get pictures of people looking awful while running. ;)

    1. lol, yea. I am hoping for the perfectly awesome race pic one day. But we all know the chances of that happening... :-)

  2. Girl you deserve to throw your amrs up!! :) And don't worry, I am right there with ya when it comes to creativity. :)

  3. I am guilty of the cheesy wave or just ignoring the camera.


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