Week In Review - Week 10 - 50K Training

What a bust this week was! After my 22 mile long run on week 9, I just didn't feel well. Fever, chills, mega sore throat ect, ect, ect.

So, I didn't run all week! I didn't go to work, either. I want to rest up and get better. Plus, I had a fever until Thursday!

I laid around on the couch all week, (seriously, I don't know how people find sitting on the couch everyday enjoyable!) but I did brave a short, slow walk on the treddy on Friday just to get some movement in. It was slow. It wasn't pretty, or fun but I moved.

Monday - Rest - I did get a new treddy. Its a Health Rider, its a cheapie, but it IS a treddy in my living room!
New Treddy!
Tuesday -4 scheduled, 0 completed
Wednesday - 8 scheduled, 0 completed
Thursday - 4 scheduled, 0 completed
Friday - Rest, walked 3 miles Seriously, this was tough! But I HAD TO MOVE!
Saturday - 10 scheduled, 0 completed
Sunday - 6 scheduled, 10 completed This wasn't fast but I walked it out. I listened to my new songs I had put on my ipod this week.

Some of my new songs

I dare you to make a more rockin, more random playlist. ;-) I got the last few decades and every genre!

Actually, the songs are the ones I found from the TV show Eastbound & Down. Such a perfect mix of music either way. They did a really good job finding the right music for the right scene of the show.

Ok. So whats ahead this week- A crappy change in my job happened on Monday, so the stress of change isn't going to be pleasant. And to increase my mileage for this week and prep for a little 10K on Saturday.

I hope everyone has a great week!

What is the most random song on your itunes? Are you running a Valentine themed race this weekend? 


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Getting sick during training is the worst. Your treadmill looks really nice, and I bet you'll be spending a lot of quality time with it. :)

  2. The treddy is sure nice to have & it has been getting daily use from the BF & I this week!

  3. Hope that you are feeling better now. Sounds like it was a good week to take off from everything to rest up. Congrats on the new TM!

    1. I shoulda been sick for another week. Lol i like my rest.


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