3 Things Thursday

Yay! We are over the mid-week hump. Downhill to the weekend from here!

1. I got some swag in the mail today.

It is a Muscle & Fitness Jacked In the Box. Was this a FitFluental review? I didn't get an email about it but I need to look and double check. I have not looked at the goodies yet, but it appears that some I will use and some I will not. Either way, I am glad to have received it.

2. Today's slog was a slog. My body felt good. My mind felt good. My weight is at it's lowest in a long time. I felt good. But getting my miles done was - ugh - tough.

From Instagram

I had no energy to push through those miles. I think I should have had more carbs with brekky? Baked eggs, spinach & couscous was good but maybe not enough carbs? Eh, I don't know.

3. I usually always have a Costco container of pickles in the fridge. When I was looking for it today, I guess today is one of those days that I don't. But I have Costco olives. Will drinking olive juice work the same as drinking pickle juice?

From Twitter

PS. I did drink a couple gulps of the olive juice. And had 2 olives. A dirty martini minus the martini.

Pickle juice - yay or nay?
Do you use any pre or post workout supplements?


  1. I don't use supplements and I probably should. I don't like pickle juice either, but I love pickles!

    1. I am not a pickle fan but I think I am gonna have to learn to like them.


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