Finally Friday!

Yay! It is Friday!

I got a goodie in the mail.

From Twitter

Thank you Soleus! Is it weird to say that I like how the plastic smells? It's got a sweet smell. It feels pretty nice to wear so far. A lot lighter then the garmy. I can't wait to rock it tomorrow!

I went to 3 different stores to get a hydration vest for my 26 miles tomorrow. REI didn't have what I wanted. Neither did Sports Authority. Thankfully, The Pulse in Meridian did!

And they just got a shipment in of goodies! Serious! They opened the box in front of me trying to find a new pack for me. And they did!

Pink and purple. I'm gonna feel a little bit like Dora the Explorer. Good thing I got some Latina in me already...

Give Dora a Pink watch and we would be twinsies.

Anyways. Guess what fits in the front pocket of my new vest?

Why yes. A Krispy Kreme DOES fit in the front pocket of my vest!

That is the Oreo doughnut. I just wanted a plain chocolate glazed and got this instead.

I am ready to plod out 26 miles on Saturday.

How was your day? Any cool swag/gear you pick up lately? What is your workout this weekend?


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