Saturday 26.2+some

Saturday was another long training day. My last REAL long mileage day before race day. Now, it's time for a good long taper.

26.46 miles!
My legs were crampy and unhappy from the start. My mood usually starts out good then implodes closer to the end. Not this day. It started out all doom and gloom.

I did mix up my route and took the greenbelt to the end from the Garden City side. 

 Herons? Cranes? Whatever they were, there was a nesting site of about 60 nests. Quite interesting.

Blarg. But I did get my mileage in. I don't care about speed. Just distance. And I got a little extra distance in. That was an oopsie, but that makes me an ultra runner, right?

After the slog, took my bestie, and we put a little hurt in the Chinese buffet. #nom

I actually could go for a little bit more of that today!

Then headed home and made a drinkie, hopped into an Epsom salt bath with my book.
ABSOLUT Pear Crush
Pear Crush

If you make the Absolut drinks as they say, they are really good. The Simple Syrup, I made it with ginger. So even better.

How was your weekend? Any fun eating or drinking?


  1. That is a really long training run! Great job for powering through. My weekend was supposed to be fun because I had 3 days off. My parent's came up, but then my mom got admitted to the hospital so there went the weekend! :/

  2. I hope one day I have 26.2 miles on that Soleus watch. What a great run you had! Congrats!


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