Week In Review - Week 17 - 50K Training

Well, I/we (we if I include all of you) made it to week 17 of my 50K training. I didn't die. I didn't kill anyone. I don't feel like I have any injuries. I didn't complete all my weekly miles, but I did complete another marathon distance training slog. My weight seems stable at it's 1 pant size smaller size. I even tried on my swim suit from last year and it is loose in some places.

I call all that a training win.

Not as many miles as I should have had!

Monday - Rest I went shopping. Yay for shopping! I bought my first Moving Comfort bra (and panty) which I thought I would love the bras way more then I do/did. I bought the Vixen but I wanted the Jubralee to be way more flattering. I may go back and get it anyways because it is adjustable instead of a pullover.
Tuesday - 4 scheduled - 2 miles done. Mixed this up with my intervals. I am enjoying my Tuesday interval work.
Wednesday - 12 scheduled - 5 miles done. A mid-week long run isn't really working out for me. I can't tell if I am being sabotaged by myself or giving in to the lack of support from others (ahem BF) but working out for 2-3 hours before work and then being on my feet all night has not been easy.
Thursday - 4 scheduled - 3 miles done. I was lifting the weights pretty hard and I was enjoying it. Like really enjoying it. I need some new weights in different sizes.
Friday - Rest I can get my rest days in too easily. Oh yes, I CAN do that.
Saturday - 26 scheduled - 26.46 miles done. Last real long training run. Everything hurt from 3 miles on. I changed my diet to get more potassium-rich foods in me, hydrating like a beast, eating more unprocessed foods. Grumble on muscle crampies.

I finished 20 minutes slower then what I did 2 weeks ago!

Sunday - 10 scheduled - 0 miles done. I was sore. Tired. I iced more then I had all week. I went to the movies and spent time with a friend.

With this training plan, I gave myself an extra week of training. For injury, illness, laziness, extra taper, whatever. I didn't want to freak out by falling behind or being unable to do this or that on one week. This week was my biggest week of training out of all of it and I am not sure if I just do a week of whatever mileage I feel like doing, of just have a 3-week long taper. I do have 4 races next month, which include Robie and my 50K. What do you think I should do? What sort of sports bra do you have?


  1. I have two Moving Comfort bras. I can't remember their names! I think one is the Fiona and the second I haven't tried yet. But I'm a busty girl and these are the only ones I've found that help. I even purposely get a size smaller for extra support, crazy I know.

    I could tell from your photos you have lost weight! I think that's pretty awesome considering all the training you are doing. Hard to believe the 50K is almost here. What will you do after that?

    1. I shoulda got a size smaller on the vixen. I think I would enjoy it more. Idk what to do after my 50k. Sign up for another one? Lol! I got a few races I have to do and want to do but 80% chance I will sign up for another 50k at the end of summer. We will see!

  2. Nice long run! I can't imagine running anything further than 26.2. You rock!

  3. Thanks! That extra .26 was an accident. I hit 26.0 and freaked out because I was how far from my car?!? It really wasn't so bad AFTER I got done. ;-)

  4. It is unfathomable for me to imagine a 26 mile training run.

  5. And that was my 2nd 26.2 of the month!!! What's sad is that there was no one handing me a beer or bling at the end.


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