What To Wear - Race To Robie Creek Edition 2013

On my blog, here, I have had an awful lot of searches about what to wear at Robie Creek lately.

I casually overlook the searches for Bob Harper Porn (so many searches for this thanks to this post) and Idaho Beef Girls. People, what are you hoping to find when you are searching Idaho Beef Girls? Or do I want to know???

From my Twitter

If you find yourself here by searching anything other then "How To Donate Money To Boise Runner", well, I think we are all screwed! Paypal. I will take Paypal. ;-)

lol. J/K.

Serious. I am only trying to get you to give me things help.

Now. I only did Robie Creek once. Last year. This year will be my second year. heh heh. I'm an expert. But I had the same question last year as a noob. What do I wear? 

Now, it was 80-some degrees last Robie in 2012. Will we have that this year? Who knows come race day in a month. But what I wore worked for me. Will I wear what I did last year? No. Because I had a year of what I call training and experience to make new decisions for me in preparation for this day.

My finish line pic.

Nike trail shoes were on my feet last year. This year is a no way in H E double hockey sticks am I wearing those again. Mostly because I have been wearing them to work this winter. But they are too dang hot and too snug for my feet to run in. And I don't think I need all that gnarly tread that those shoes have. I am actually wearing my Hokas this year. Or, as of today, a month out, that is the plan... I seriously love these shoes!

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My shoesies  #HokaLove

As for the rest, well, I will be wearing a Team Sparkle skirt as last year. But instead of gunmetal, I expect to wear the red this year. And because I am running with Team Beef for the race and will be rocking my Team Beef shirt.

From here

Go Team Sparkle!

Now, I suggest, in my most expert of opinions, dear reader, to wear whatever the F you want. Wanna wear a bunnie suit? Go ahead! Shorty shorts? Yes! Converse All Stars? Rock it! But wear whatever YOU are comfortable with.

I know we are a month away, but do you ever plan what to wear a month out? What shoes do you plan on running in? What shoes are you training in? If you hunt me down at the end of the race and tell me that you read this post, I may have some #SweatPink laces for you. Spring cleaning for me. New swag for you. Pending the BF not ditching me for nearly a half hour after the end of the race with my bag of swag. 


  1. I really need to break down and buy a sparkle skirt. So cute!

  2. Do it! They are so fun and get tons of attention!


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