I Can Has

Saturday was a slog on the trail. It wasn't for time. It was just to spend some time alone with some thoughts. Also, I didn't want to dodge a bunch of people out on the greenbelt for space.

On the trail on Saturday, I can has...



Oh, yes I did. 12 miles. A cheeseburger. No problemo.

I can has...



Yeppers. Still some ankle deep snow.

I can has...


Snow bunnie!


I can has...

Sunburn. Oh yes. 60-some degrees and I got a sunburn. Back of arms, neck, and leggies. Ooopsie. Can't wait for sunburning more this summer.

I can has...

Tick. My first tick ever. No pic. I was freaking. I don't think it bit me, it was crawling on my shirt an hour after I finished running and I don't think there are any other crawlies on me but it has me all sorts of freaked. 2 days later and no rash, but I still am concerned.

I can has...

60-some degrees and snow. And all in 12.36 miles.

How was your weekend? Have you ever had a tick?


  1. 12 miles and a cheeseburger? Awesome. I had 22 miles, a gnarly sunburn and I drank my weight in beer. :-)

    1. What a fun weekend-minus the sunburns!


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