Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Hooray for hump day. I am soooo looking forward to Friday.

I got some BSN goodies from Fitfluential and BSN. As I taper, I think the Cellmass will be good for me since I have 20-ish days before my big day. I love the Dessert just because of the name. I made a pudding instead of a shake out of it today and it was pretty tasty.

This is happening.

Vodka. Peeps. In fridge. Today. For weekend. For post-race drinkie. Yay!

Today's 4 mile sweaty slog
I finally figured out how to see my current pace while I run. I was looking at the time of day, overall pace and distance with the lap pace (I have it set for every mile) popping up every lap/mile. To figure it out, all I did was read the instructions. Which does help when you are mildly a technophobe. Or in my case, lazy. Now, I really love my watch.

Planning your weekend out yet? Running? Racing? Anything good happening this week?


  1. Wait, so what do you do with the vodka and the Peeps?

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    1. The Peeps colors and sweetens the Vodka.


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