The Drinkie I'm Obsessed With

I have been playing around with my diet for a few weeks (months!) now. Fueling, recovering, weight losing, magic diet that will fix and prevent any issues. Lately it's just been trying to figure out the reason for my muscle cramps. What I can do to prevent it?

I have added more potassium-rich foods when I am Pac Man-ing my way through the kitchen. Bananas, avocados, Lara Bars and yogurts that contain potassium on the back label, spinach, and potatoes.

All that seemed to work for a bit until my last super long training run. So, a lack of potassium isn't the reason for the muscle cramps?

There is one thing that I have not tried until recently. And I am obsessed with it.


I was going to try the pickle juice thing, but I don't have any and I am too lazy to go to the store. And if I drink more olive juice, I am going to be adding vodka. But a quick little google search and it seems that vinegar is what the secret is to the whole magic pickle juice thing. I do have plenty of vinegars. But I don't want to drink the stuff straight up in plain water - ugh!

After a run this weekend, I decided to make a magic concoction.

Plain San Pellegrino mineral water. 2 scoops of Skratch Lemons and Limes. Big splash of apple cider vinegar. Then I laid out in the grass for hours sunning my buns.
Instagram pic

I am obsessed with it. Seriously. I don't know if I have the magic drink that will solve all my problems (weight, hair, skin, muscle and future cancer and cholesterol issues)

And this stuff tastes a whole lot better then some Kombucha I have tried.

Have you added Apple Cider Vinegar to anything? Have you noticed any difference? Do you like kombucha?


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