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Week In Review - 50K Training - Weeks 18 & 19

So, this is going to be a cruddy 2-week review. I have been doing this taper thing. A month long taper. In my world, tapering for the big day is easy. It is awfully easy for me to lay around in bed doing nothing. So, unlike others with the taper crazies, I am the total opposite.

So that is what I have been doing. No blogging, limited twittering, doing a whole lot of nada. Well, I have been watching OZ (I have never watched it before and should finish season 6 soon) and going to work, but a whole lot of nothing else is going on. Hence the crappy 2 week review post.

My brain has shut off. I really like being lazy doing nothing. Maybe that is why I don't go taper cray-cray.

Daily Mile stats
Hmm. Looks like I forgot to add a 5miler on the 31st. Oh wells. 

The green arrow on the pic above is from the BoGlow race. The start of my 4 races in April. I have also convinced myself that 4 races in April also means 4 weeks of pizza. I had post-BoGlow pizza. 3 more weeks of pizza to go!

This Saturday is the Beat Coach Pete 5k. If Petey runs another 27 minute 5K, I will (hopefully) be beating him. Next week is Robie Creek. The Saturday after that is my 50K and proof that my training did work. I have a secret time goal in my head. But, whatever happens, happens. I did some training miles the last few months. I have the next couple of weeks to prepare for non-training related issues. Like what to eat and what to wear. I am sure I will be wearing my pink Team Sparkle skirt, purple Dirty Girl Gaiters, my pink & purple Nathan vest and Hokas. As for the top-I don't know. I am sure something pink, purple, or black is what I will be searching for.

The training is done. The next 2 weeks is all about the taper.

Do you get the taper crazies? Or is tapering for a big race easy for you?

Editing to add a PS. There were multipule bloggie searches for my feet  this week. BF? Are you being the foot fetish creeper?


  1. The taper drives me nuts. I usually disappear because I have nothing nice to say. :-)

    1. Haha, we will see how I feel in the next week. I got pretty nutty the day before Robie Creek last year.

  2. Enjoy the taper!! Great miles you've put in, and best of luck with the race! Can't wait to read how it went!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure I will have nothing else to talk about other then the big race for quite some time after I finish. :-)


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