See Jane Run 5K & Half Marathon

The Boise See Jane Run 5K & Half Marathon is coming up soon. I did the half marathon last year as an Ambassador and it was a PR half marathon for me.

I had a lot of fun. Which is totally obvious if you watch the video above. I still use my swag bag and I still wear my race shirt. I proudly use my bag all over town. And the shirt is a super flattering cut that hides my tum-tum. It is one of my favorite race shirts! I believe in the See Jane Run mantras listed on my bag.

Love this!
But this years race is soon! I am a Super Jane Ambassador this year and I would LOVE for you to run or walk the race with me!

Womens Half Marathon & 5k Boise

I wholeheartedly believe YOU CAN do a half-marathon, or 5K if you have never done one before.

Hal Higdon training plan
Jeff Galloway training plan 
Shape Magazine training plan
Runners World training plans

I mean, I only say that you can complete a half marathon because a half marathon was my 2nd race ever. And if you can spend the afternoon walking around the mall, I'm sure you can complete a 5K. I am SO sure you can do it!

From my garmin at the 2012 race
Oh, and there is chocolate and champagne at the finish line! I mean, who doesn't want a glass of bubbly and chocolates after a race to celebrate!?

I know the lush in me has indulged a time or two after a run...

Poppin bottles
Since I am coming off a long taper (waaaay tooo looong) for my 50K, I don't expect to be so fast at the half marathon next month. And I am still working on a running plan during the week.

But what I am thinking of doing the next month, with a little flexibility or laziness randomly thrown in may be...
Monday - 3 hours of yoga - serious - it is a BSU Kinesology Activity summer class
Tuesday -  4 miles
Wednesday - 4 miles
Thursday - 4 miles
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 10 miles
Sunday - 6 miles

That isn't set in stone but what a mix of what I was doing for my 50K training plan and what I like to envision my summer workout to be like. I may make those Wednesdays a Rest day since they became rest days during my last training plan. But we will see...

Have you ran in a See Jane Run race before? How do you figure out your training plans? Do you wanna run with me in June? I may have a See Jane Run giveaway coming up real soon! :-)


  1. I thought about doing this race in Seattle this year, but I think that it falls on a weekend that won't work with my schedule. The race does look like a lot of fun!

  2. Looks like an awesome race and I love the bag. I don't think there are any in the Chicago area.

  3. Love the bag and great post! Thinking about the Seattle run if I can get airfare at a reasonable price.


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