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Fitsok recently contacted me to give a review on their products. Of course I said yes, I would gladly accept! Fitsok provided the products below for my honest review. I have worn 1 pair of their socks on and off for a year or so. I think they were the CF2 Cush. They were a free pair with a shoe purchase from Shu's a while back. That pair was in rotation for running, and also for wearing during my shift at work.

Box of goodies!
I'm not truly picky when it comes to socks, but I do have preferences depending on what shoe I am wearing, and what my sock wearing mission is - trails, short runs, long runs, races, Hokas vs Altras, and wearing to work. I have been pretty blessed to not have a regular problem with blisters, major calluses, jacked up toenails, or foot fungus. My feet do get pretty sweaty - even more so now that it is summer!

Stolen from Fitsok website
My favorite features of all the Fitsok socks is that they have arch support and they kept my feet drier and cooler then some other socks I wear. All the ankle heights worked out well with the variety of shoes I wore. Some other brands rub against my Achilles a little too much and annoy me, but I never found that to be a problem with the Fitsoks.

I think that my favorite sock for running was the F4. Followed by the CX3's and then the CF2's. I wore them all with my Altras & Hokas for running, and Mizuno's & Nike's for work. I chose the F4 for my most recent half marathon with the Hokas. My feet were the only thing not on my mind during the race. I had a small pebble in my shoe the last half and surprisingly did not get a blister from it. (I've got blisters before from a rock in the shoe) I like that the F4's are a bit more of a technical fabric instead of the more cottony CF2 Jewelpop Cush - which I like as a daily wear sock.

 All my faves.

All in all, I found that I liked every sock in the current product line. I think I can confidently choose any Fitsok product and know that my feet will be happy during use. And looking at the prices online, they appear reasonable.

You can connect with Fitsok on their website, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also purchase Fitsok online at many different retailers or at your local running store.

Thank you Fitsok for giving me an opportunity to review your products!


  1. Good socks are worth their weight in gold! Glad you liked these.


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