iAM Fusion Awards

So, I may have mentioned this a few times in the few times I have been posting here, but there was an award I was nominated for.

From Fusion Facebook page
Saturday was the big day of knowing if I won or not!

I was nominated for the Boise iAM Fusion awards for Top Athlete.

Screen shot of the screen from the event.
Serious. Top Athlete. Fo realz. That's my name there!

Yes, there was a Red Carpet walk.

 I took this very serious. The BF was not as excited as I was. Obviously.

I don't think the BF really wanted to take MY pic. Very unflattering.
Got my hair did. Made the BF buy a new suit. I have been getting my nails done in preparation for the big night.

I was hoping having an aisle seat was going to be lucky. Easy to jump and run down to the stage and get my award...

My view for a few hours...
After hours of being nervous, I didn't win. I'm sure I was 2nd place. I had fun and it was super exciting to have been nominated. Thank you to all who voted and you all have a year to prep your voting fingers for next year. ;-)

My own after-party pitcher of OSB beer at Tablerock
Now, I'll work on my beer drinking abilities with some increased running mileage in the days, weeks and months ahead. I did tell you I have another marathon SOON, right? :-)


Tell me something good that happened over the weekend? Any races coming up soon for you?


  1. Bummer you didn't win but it looks like it was a really fun night anyway! I ran RnR Chi last Sunday and didn't die. Very proud. HA!


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