Blue Sky Is Blue

I just wanted to share some pics of my weekend. I went up and down the Hard Guy trail both Saturday and Sunday.

10 miles of this on Saturday and 16.4 on Sunday! It was slow. And almost a punishment! Partially because I have thrown my marathon training plan out the window and I have not kept up with many regular runs. Also, desk job plus too many carbs have became an issue.

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There are no filters on these pics other then sweat, sunscreen and maybe some road grime from dirty hands picking up cans to recycle in the street. The sky really was this blue and clear on Saturday. It really was amazing!  

My phone didn't capture the array of earth tones here. There were so many shades on the hill here. It was so pretty!

My new favorite section of trail! Such a shady treat after the uphill grind of Hard Guy!

I think next weekend, I am going to explore this section of trail a bit more. It was very nice to run on. I really love being around all the pine trees and was a very nice change from all the smoke in the air! Plus, I feel like I should punish myself one last weekend before really punishing myself on the marathon SOON!

Seriously, I can't get over how pretty the sky is. It was like, unreal.

Smoke - ugh. I was pretending I was looking into the ocean since the city was SO hard to see. Maybe this is why I think a blue sky is unreal after seeing haze all summer.

This is how I imagine LA looking.

What amazing thing(s) have you seen on your run(s) lately? 


  1. WOw! Gorgeous! What great trails. All the best with the marathon!

  2. That really does look amazing! Might have to hit that trail someday soon =)


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