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Morning Motivation

It seems like an awful lot of people have put on their blogs recently how sorry they are for ignoring their blogs.

I don't feel so alone. But I do feel bad.

I know that my running is mildly back burner-ed , my weight is creeping up, and I am mildly in panic mode because of it.

You know there is some marathon thing coming up I've pledged my running soul to do. I'm sure there will be tears, limping, and walking around mile 20-26.

And I said before I am trying to get some running in with my new work schedule and all.

And part of that plan was trying out before work morning runs. I've slept in my running clothes this last week. And I did 2 dark'o'clock runs!

Post-run Thursday morn
And I loved it. Sorta. It was only 1-2 miles Thursday & Friday, but it was SOMETHING! And it wasn't SO bad when I was half way into that first morning run.

Post-run Friday
It wasn't that I had my gear already on that helped me out the door. I mean, I can wear my running clothes and sit on the couch and not feel bad. But I had everything ready. The big thing was my shoes and socks by the door. And I made a cup of coffee, I had to get those shoes on and run and be back before my coffee got too cold! I didn't wake up any earlier, so only could fit in a pre-work mile on Thursday. And I'm too lazy it's too much work to re-set the auto-timer on the coffee pot for earlier or later.

early morning success!

The best thing about running in the morning dark is that I can wear the same thing 2 days in a row. Which I did. And I can have bed head. I tried my best to show you my bed head above. I think the camera angle minimized it a bit...

Thursday, I felt so accomplished and pumped that I had that runners high thing people talk about until about 1pm. Then I crashed and it was a normal workday.

So all in all, trying new things isn't so bad. Heck, sleeping in my running clothes (sports bra and all) and getting up at 5:30am is Tuesday's plan. I will be wearing clean running clothes, and I'm sure the bed head will be present.

And all this working I've been saying I've been doing while neglecting you all... Well, I bought me a new pair of shoes that aren't running shoes. :-)

Now, I'm saving for a 52ct Cartier ring.
What do you do to motivate yourself to run? Sleep in running clothes? Have people meet you for early morning runs? What was the last non-running related thing you bought yourself? Besides the shoes above, I have bought only running related stuff for years!!!


  1. I am having a really hard time with motivation myself. Wish I had an answer for you. :(

    1. Motivation is SO hard! There are too many days where I just want to lay in bed and do nothing!


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