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Idaho Wine Run Marathon

So, I did this crazy thing a few weeks ago. (WEEKS ago. Yea I know. I'm a little late on all of this...) I ran/COMPLETED a marathon (Idaho Wine Run) and I didn't train as well (really, not much at all) that I could have/would have liked. But, the Idaho Wine Run said they would comp my entry if I shared my experience. I would have ran this with or without a comped entry. I did the half last year - and I really wanted to do the full. So that is what I chose to do for this year! 

Race shirt & my number.
 See, look. I have not done many miles during training. 

None, 2, 10, 30, 6, none - then race. Pretty freakin sad when I want to get back up to where I was when I was training for the ultra earlier this year. And that 30 miles was done in 1 weekend...

That evening before the race, I slept really well. Much better then I think for any other race before. There WAS some nerves happening. But I felt rested. Brekky was a NUUN and coffee and toast with PB. I took a Chobani & banana & some R4 for after the race. The weather said it was going to be ok. 70 degrees to start isn't so bad. And that 30% chance of rain isn't THAT big of a deal, right? I DID get a slight SUNBURN at this race LAST YEAR...

I was not sure what to wear for this race. I actually packed basically everything running related and took it with me. I kinda was just on autopilot for all of this. I had so much happening in my personal life (60 hour work weeks, ending a 6 year relationship, moving residences) that I did not check the weather the whole week before the race. Serious. I did not check the weather until 45 minutes before the race as shown on the above screen shot. Yeah. Not my smartest decision, but I survived.

Don't mind the bad hair. It was WINDY!
I decided on Nike capris, a Team Sparkle gunmetal skirt and a Nike tank that I wore last year. Not my most fashionable outfit but it was what I went with.

The race finish getting all set up before the race.
The race started a few minutes late. It wasn't bad. It was very nice starting a MARATHON with just a handful of other participants. The results said 33 people finished the marathon. Serious. If you want to do a small marathon race, this is a good choice!

The first hill at the start of the race.  I thought it was cute we were all in single file. I was trotting at a very easy pace.

Coming down that first hill near the start. Look at the trees and how they bend. It was WINDY! Take a look at that sky. Clouds. 30% chance of rain, remember?

Oh look. The wine stop. I took a water and then a Platinum Blonde Zhoo Zhoo. I would drink this any day.

I really wished I could have filled up a handheld of this wine and taken it with me! 

Look at that sky. 30% chance of rain, remember? #nofilter 

I really felt the first half of the race just flew by. I didn't worry about hydration or carbs or anything. I took a PocketFuel with me (I had some gels that I had stuffed in my sports bra, too) and had sip of PocketFuel every other mile after mile 6 or so until the half way point. I didn't feel the need to have anything else. Of course there was that back of the mind fear of bonking and all those other things that you worry about during a long race; muscle cramps, Achilles ripping, hypothermia, bonus miles... But the first half really flew by for me. No aches, no pains. All of the water stops were prepared for us runners and the volunteers were super friendly. I was optimistic that I was going to have a 5 hour marathon! I thought this was a big deal because I didn't even try for that during Ultra training. I did 2 6 hour 26.2 training runs. Seattle was a 6:35 marathon. I didn't want to take that long again. But I was looking forward to completing a good race with no pressure of finishing at a certain time.

But those clouds. And that wind. It was at my back during the first half. And at the turnaround, oh guess what? I was running IN TO it. Then the temp dropped and I put my phone away in hopes it didn't pour rain from those scary looking clouds, because it did start sprinkling. I didn't take any pics in the back half. I got cold. Like, I started worrying about hypothermia cold. Like, if I had someone  accompanying me to the race where I could call them up and say "Hey, bring me that black long sleeved sitting in the passenger seat of my car? KTHXBAI." But I was alone at this race and no one  to bring me long sleeved. That numbing cold where you can't grab your car keys out of your zippered pocket in the back of your tights type of cold. I was thinking, "Am I going to have to ask someone to grab the keys out of my back pocket and give them to me?" The wind sucked. I wished I had a long sleeved shirt. The water at the water stops was icy. My morale started slipping. Like, "Hey, its time to pack it in and give up on this race." But I was alone and had to make it to the finish line to get back to my car. Which kinda pissed me off. Which made me feel even more alone and sad. Did I mention I was feeling lonely? Like, teary alone? I just couldn't shake it. And I think the weather caused morale to slip with the volunteers too. They were awesome cheerleaders at the start of the race, but the 2nd time around - they didn't seem to be enjoying themselves anymore. Hiding in their warm coats and cars. I was miserable. I was in a real mental funk. I was really cold. Since I was at the back of the pack and didn't see anyone for what seemed like hours. I kept feeling really alone. I started tearing up. I wanted to have a roadside meltdown. I wanted to stop right there (mile 16-18) and just bawl. I realized that I have not had anyone in my years of running make a sign for me and cheer for me on the course. He who was referred to as the bf in previous posts who is now the ex drove me to races and took some start/finish line pics. But I have not had anyone make a single sign for me or really support me. All my "big" races have been alone. Seattle. The Ultra. This. Alone. I was bummed. I put my music on and I think my music wanted to sympathize with my gloomy mood because my shuffle went from upbeat and positive kick ass fist punching Yeah I can do this! Work Bitch  and I Got The Goods to moody, kill me now I'm miserable and I freaking hate this Feed Me and Death Is the Answer. Yea. I'm glad iTunes has a sense of humor.

Despite my crap mood, my miles were ticking by. I was confident that I was going to finish. A marathon without training as well as I could have wasn't a big scary deal I was thinking it was going to be. I was cold and I didn't want to run anymore. The last water stop had candy and chatty volunteers. Talking about how cold I was and being offered a long sleeved shirt (I toughed it out for 20-some miles, I can make it a few more without) and having a piece of chocolate was really the pick me up that I needed to kick start from walking the majority of how many miles to running to the finish.

And I could tell by looking at the clouds that the rain, which had been making itself known by sprinkling was really going to come down. I wanted my cozy warm clothes in the car so badly! I didn't want to get my Hokas all sloshy wet. So, I ran the last few miles through the orchard. I felt strong. I was proud of myself. I didn't think this race was all that bad.

I finished my 2nd marathon. I was happy.

My finisher bag and new bling!

My watch time.
I was hiding in my car taking these pics. It was now POURING rain! I finished JUST IN TIME! I was looking for my umbrella that I keep in my backseat so I could go back out and do the wine tasting. It took me a while to switch shoes and find the umbrella. So by the time I got back out there, Sawtooth was the only winery left doing tastings outside. Everyone else packed it in. So I made sure to try all of what Sawtooth had to offer! It really did erase the misery of the last few hours. Thank you Sawtooth! I really needed that wine after the race!

I was miserable for a good chunk of this race only because of the weather and my personal life. I needed this to help process some of the mental junk going on. Will I do this race again next year? Of course! The wine available makes it fun! Hopefully you will plan on doing it with me too!


  1. If I ever do a full, this is the kind I want to run. Great job on finishing! Bummer that there wasn't more wine at the end =)

    1. I actually had the perfect amount of wine to improve my mood & drive back to Boise. If I had a driver, I would have been sad there wasn't more wine. You should think about doing this race next year!

  2. Congrats Mandy! That race does look like fun and I 'm not even a huge wine fan. Love the goblet!

    1. It was really fun. I hope to have better weather next year!

  3. Came upon your blog by accident. If I would have known I would have brought you a long sleeve shirt! I only did the 10K because I was doing the Portland marathon the following weekend. (my first full!)
    You are amazing!!

    1. Congrats on your first marathon! I feel pretty tough after being so cold. And I had plenty of thoughts of "If I had signed up for the half, I would have been done by now." I'm glad I did the full though.


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