I'm An Addict

I took a full 3 weeks off from any sort of working out after my marathon. Well, I moved house by myself 2 days after that, which I was more sore from that then the run... but I'm not counting that as a workout. I needed the last few weeks to get settled and into my new single runner girl routine. :-)

During those few weeks, I have missed running. And working out. And moving my body. Like, really missed it.

Oh man, I craved it. I was getting a little twitchy and a little cranky. That's why I think I'm an addict.

I needed to work my muscles. 3 weeks off and a desk job during the day has me sad. I have started doing daily planks and few moves with some dumbbells I have. I sneak in some lifting at work when no one is watching. Along with some selfies. Can we keep all that a secret?

I kinda want to get other body parts as gnarly as my leggies.

I have a little more free time on weekends so a short routine of burpees with a Bosu ball, planks and squats always happens before a run. Burpees with the Bosu always wears me out and it gets hard to lift that thing up after a bit. (How much does a Bosu weigh???) But, it feels GOOD to work my body!

I missed out on an evening Halloween 5K race on Saturday because I went out on a date. I think I should have made time to do the race. But I did 7 miles with a nice boy on Sunday and it felt AMAZING! I mean the run felt amazing. I'm sure the nice boy feels nice too.

Today, I thankfully do not have to work a 14 hour day with the 2 jobs I have. My day job gave us a treat and let us go home 5 hours early. Guess what I get to go do before I go to my 2nd job?

I get to take care of my addiction for an hour. :-) I'm going running.

What makes you a running addict? Does your body crave movement?


  1. I'm so glad you're back, I know I get cranky and mean when "off" too long. Congrats on the date too!

    1. Thanks! Glad to know I'm not the only one that gets cranky when I have not worked out in a while!

  2. I miss running, but it's been way too crazy the last few weeks. I have a plan for November though! =)


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