Blogger Holiday Gift Exchange

I like to participate in blogging gift exchanges. When A Healthy Mrs was putting a Christmas one together for this year, I had to jump in and join! I like to do these because I get to "meet" new bloggers and expand my bloggy circle.


I got to send my goodies to Peace, Love & Ice Cream.

Jackie Cooks sent me some awesome goodies! 

She made me a holder to hang my medals on! I actually didn't have one and have had my metals hanging on my fuse box in my bedroom since I moved. This already has a home on my wall!

She also sent me some locally roasted coffee. This java junkie approves!

AND some biscotti! Since I picked the goodies from the post office during one of my errand "running" excursions, coffee & biscotti hit the spot and improved my mood after a cold and windy slog.

Thank you Jackie and Michelle for the fun exchange!


  1. What awesome gifts! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Gift Exchange! Happy Holidays :)

  2. What an awesome post - and an especially touching and awesome gift. Thank you so much for becoming a personal of the come coming back this year!


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