"Running" Errands

This post isn't exactly relevant for this weekend since is so freakin cold out! But since I have been in my new abode, I have not just spent my time running to hit a specific mileage or time goal. Also, I'm not training for anything specific right now, either. I have been using my running time as a multitasking experiment of sorts.

I have been literally running my errands.

It has been working out. Pun intended. It takes a little bit more time to hit your mileage, but I feel that it has been saving me time in the long run, and potentially money, wear and tear on the vehicles, ect.

It also has been a bit more fun then just plodding away at the miles.

 Oooh, can the radar catch me?

No. I tried over and over again!
I can easily mix up my routes. Things in my new 'hood are less far away then I think.


One of my fave places to eat is only 2 miles away.

I can check my mail at the post office.

And I can slog downtown and go to the thrift store.

Plus I have been having the "new boy" tag along with his bike so if I find something at the store or I need to carry stuff back - like my mail, or hold layers of clothes, it's like I have my own personal pack mule. :-)

I guess if you had a kid you can haul them and your swag in/on the stroller, too.

Do you ever "run" your errands? How's your weather right now?


  1. I have three kids and no way would they let me do that. :-) Glad it's working for you though.


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